About Us

Redefining the “Business” of Healthcare

The business of healthcare is forever changed. In today’s hyper-competitive and noisy marketplace, you need the business side of your healthcare organization to be as effective as your clinical practice. 

Patients have become healthcare consumers, payers are becoming more demanding, regulations continue to shift and evolve, and the pace of technology is staggering.

HiLiteMD is a healthcare business partner that looks at your entire business environment and provides solutions that help you manage your healthcare business more effectively, instilling confidence, and ultimately putting more money where it belongs. In your pocket.

Experience and Vision

Our executive team has lived in the healthcare business world for over 25 years.  From executive leadership and technology development to marketing and business  best practices, the HiLiteMD team has seen and done it all. We know we can make a difference in your healthcare business and the lives of the people who depend on you.